Conservatism: All Vibes, All the Time.
What happens when the will of the majority is ignored?
And the time Dave definitely DID NOT masturbate to a condemned puppy.
And yea, it is an Empire
Dave's story & the Top 10 Rubin Moments
And a thank you
You're King//Queen for a Day — What's the 1st Thing You'd Change?If you were made King // Queen for a day, what would be the first thing you’d change about your country? You can pass a law, free a prisoner, or…
Nice judicial philosophy you got there. Be a real shame if someone pointed out its inherent contradiction.
And a few words on how to fix it.
Something to keep in mind.
Both political parties have shaped around the world's unhealthiest man. What happens when he's gone?
Tell Me: What are you reading? (Or watching/playing/listening to?)Happy Sunday! I’m always on the hunt for great media, whether it be books, podcasts, movies, shows, or video games. I’ll start. I’m finishing up